Why Traveling is important in our daily life.

Why Traveling is important and a must in our daily life.

Introduction:  The world is not the four walls of your room. Most of you must have heard or read the story of the Frog living inside a well all its life and felt that the stagnant dirty well is the whole world. When the Frog from outside the well-told the first frog about the ocean which was unbelievable to the first frog. That is what happens when you are stagnant in one place and have not traveled. This post is about traveling and it explains about the need or importance of traveling in our daily life.

Quest to Know

From the time immemorial human beings have an urge to know the unknown. Thus began the quest of the human race.

Man always has the question of where he came from and where will he go.

With this question in mind, the man started to explore beyond the boundaries of his home, beyond the boundaries of his village and beyond the boundaries of his country.

With the advent of the ship, the man had the courage to conquer the ocean and go on long voyages beyond their continent to a completely unknown land.

Blogger P V’s elder sister, son, daughter, and daughter-in-law in front of Taj Mahal Pic. by Irene Isaac

Traveling is a must for Life

The man who has never traveled has not known what life is.

Even the herds of animals move from one place to another in search of food.

Living creatures as small as birds travel miles after miles to maintain life on this earth.

The quest for the unknown is so immense that man has put his foot on the moon and traveled the space.

The Urge For Traveling

When we stay in the same place we get familiar with the place and become so habituated with the place that it becomes our comfort zone.

Maybe we can move to that known place even blindfolded. In such a condition our mind also becomes blind. Life is breaking all the boundaries of the comfort zone and embrace the world.

Conquer the sky with an airplane, cross the land on railroads, yes, develop an urge for traveling.

Traveling And Planning

When we sow the seed of our desire to travel it sprouts with the planning phase.

We start to plan for a destination.

The choice of destination speaks a lot about our nature.

We may choose the snow-covered mountains, the seaside destination or the thick dense forest infested with wild animals or the deserts, a religious place or an educational hub.

Types of Travel

A Scene from Kerala. Image courtesy Anish Thankachen of Rafa Radio

We may plan for a short trip over a weekend or a long trip.

We may love the natural beauty or have a spiritual quest to travel to the religious places.

Image courtesy. Amritsarworld

The tour may be one of the historical monuments. Maybe to a place to study and gain knowledge in different branches of education. It may be to a jungle to study the plant kingdom or to study the animal kingdom.

We may travel by water to discover the world of the oceans and the life at the depth.

Many travel to the mountains to conquer the mountains.

People walk the deserts to get lost and again find their way to their destination.

Benefits of Traveling in our Daily Life

Religious places. Image Courtesy. Amritsarworld

Traveling not only helps to gain a world of knowledge but also to rediscover yourself.

The more you travel more you know about yourself. Your powers within which you were unknown till the time you traveled.

The different places open the doors to your own power centers within. When you travel you meet different people. You know their lifestyle and compare their lifestyle with yours back in your homeland.

We can come to know what are their priorities in life?

What difficulties they face and what do they love about their homeland?

You may then start to appreciate the facilities and ease of living you are blessed with.

The things we take for granted might be luxury to the people in other parts of the world.

Many people might be very happy only with the little things that nature offers them.

When we depend on the natural resources it fulfills most of our needs.  That is indeed a great realization.

Staying in one place you may not get that realization in a lifetime.

When you travel you reach that milestone very early and cherish and grow more in life.

Joy and Elixir of Life through Traveling

The joy of returning Home from travel is such a lovely experience.

You learn to thank God for all the things you have at home.

You fall in love with your near and dear ones more from the bottom of your heart.

You appreciate the presence of the excellent people in your life and how important they are to your existence on this planet.

We always try to carry some memories of the places we traveled in the form of pictures of some unique articles etc from those places.  Many exciting photographs full of the natural beauty of the places, the lovely people, the activities, lifestyle, and livelihood of the places. The art and the language of the places are always with us to cherish for many days.

So always plan and take a break from your regular life, pack your bags and travel as you have all the reasons, why traveling is important in our daily life.

We urge you to share your travel experiences through the comment column below so that other readers too will get an idea about how others are enjoying their traveling.

Yours Sincerely

Robin and Philip

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