The Changing Senario In India And An Open Letter to A Friend

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The Changing Scenario in India And An Open Letter to A Friend

A lot of political dust has been flown in the air in recent times.  Ultimately Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India for the second time.

The heated political debates are still on! But on a totally different tone or trend.  The print and visual media are changing their colors, like the chameleon politicians after the victory of BJP lead coalition.

Once upon a time the politicians are connected or compared with chameleon but sad, now the so-called fourth estate fall victim to this word chameleon.  It looks like now the fourth estate survive on paid news.

But the subject for this post is not that, but a coincidence story shared on the pages of Wire Newspaper.

Today while I was browsing through the internet I found an interesting post by one Mr. Rohit. He wrote an open letter on the pages of the Wire online Newspaper.

To my pleasant surprise, I could relate the major parts of the story with my own life experiences and dropped the following comment on the post.

My Feedback To The Story


What a coincidence!

I can very well relate to most of the things in the first part to the middle. In fact, I too have a friend like your friend.

We were so close in all matters mentioned in the post. Except for the years, it’s a 25+ years friendship, we were very good friends in all matters, a and other activities you mentioned. We differed only on political issues.

But that too often ended up in a cordial way, till recent times. but sad to note that, facilitates like WhatsApp, messenger, etc like things worsened the situation.

Like you, I too used to get all such forwards as you received, except the one on Muslims hate forward, maybe because I strongly warmed him to stop sending such meaningless/senseless forwards.

Notice I used the same words and he stopped forwarding messages. But after a month, the other day I had a telephonic conversation with him but never raised any political issues from both sides and it went on well.

In short, in recent times, our country is almost divided into two because of such political involvements and hate forwards.

I am going to reproduce these notes into one of my upcoming posts in pages.

Let’s hope for a better India.

And let’s hope our PM will take India into the right direction by considering all as one.

Let’s look for a united India which includes not only Hindus but all religions.

Thanks for the share.



The story narration goes like this: 

“We’ve known each other for over 15 years. That’s a long time. You’ve been to my house, I’ve been to yours. We’ve shared countless cups of tea and spent many long hours chatting about life, the universe,   and everything. You’ve invited me to your family functions, I’ve invited you to mine; you’ve been there for me in my hours of joy and grief and I certainly hope I’ve been there for you in yours.

This is not an easy letter for me to write, but I think it’s important that I do so.

About a year ago, as you may recall, you started sending me messages and videos about how Congress has been “looting the country for 70 years”. These, along with all the other messages you were sending me on yoga, meditation, positive thinking, friendship, etc.

I didn’t bother to respond, as is my manner with the most forwarded messages that I receive. (Also, I didn’t think you were particularly expecting me to.)   To continue reading please click on this link:  Letter to a Friend Who Happens To Be a Modi Supporter

Also please watch the following related videos.  Messages delivered by the intellectuals from different walks of life about the changing scenario in India

In continuation to the above message by Prashanth Bushan watch the other individuals in the following video.

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