Lucknow Honeymoon Destination | Travel Guide For Couples

The Best Honeymoon Destination in Lucknow

Here are the Lucknow Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide For Couples where you can take your valentine for a Romantic Escape and do something different for a special romantic date and fill it with love, surprises, and couple activities.

So, get ready to create the first amazing memory of your married life that you will cherish forever. Explore everything about Lucknow, Romantic Places, Restaurant for couples, Luxury 4 Star Hotel in Lucknow, Shopping Places.  Select the one that allures you the most.

About Lucknow

Popularly known as “The City Of Nawabs”, it is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. A unique combination of exquisite, old-fashioned Nawabi style with the modern art and architecture. Lucknow attracts lots of tourism for its beautiful architectural sites and monuments.

The cultural mix, fabulous food and sophisticated language of Lucknow make it a heaven for those who love to explore the versatile uniqueness of a city. Also known for its beautiful handcrafted embroideries of chikankari and zardozi, which are quite popular across the world.

It is located on the bank of river Gomti.

Hindi and Urdu are the common languages in use within the city.

Best Romantic Places in Lucknow

Though the city is known for its old-fashioned and traditional culture, entwined with narrow lanes and ancient architecture. It does have some beautiful romantic places to visit.

  • Begum Zarat Mahal park: It is one of the few places, where one can relax and enjoy the serene peace of nature. Named and dedicated after Begum Hazrat Mahal, one of the forefront revolutionary against Britishers during Indian Rebel of 1857.
  • Sikandar Bagh: A beautiful villa with a garden built by last Nawab of Oudh, Wajid Ali Shah. it is spread across 4.5 acres surrounded by walls and corner bastion, is now an amazing garden managed by National Botanical Research Institute of India.
  • Kaiserbagh Palace: Another marvel built by Nawab of Oudh, Wajid Ali Shah holds peace and serenity of the olden, where he intended to build a dream garden. Despite some parts of this place are damaged, Kaiserbagh palace enfolds mix of various architectural styles from Mughal style to European architectural styles.
  • Kukrail Picnic Spot: Situated about 9 km away from the city, Kurail picnic spot is a beautiful forest and sanctuary, where one can find various species of deer, sambars, birds and much more. One can easily spend an entire day here and unwind from the city life.

Romantic Restaurants

This beautiful city is also known for its amazing cuisines and food. One should not miss the opportunity of trying them out.  Few of the famous restaurants in Lucknow one should visit with fail are given below:

  • Oudhyana: Located in Taj Vivanta, Oudhyana promises to maintain the taste of Lucknawi dishes with the old styled Awadhi essence, be it there traditional Mughlai dishes or mouth-watering kebabs, one cannot miss them for sure.
  • Falaknuma: Located in the busy area of Hazaratganj, one cannot miss spending a nice foodie evening there. A beautiful heritage hotel which maintains a quiet and intense feel of Lucknow can enjoy their popular dishes like galawat and kakori kebab.
  • Sepia: The Renaissance Lucknow hotel: Is another must go hotel in Lucknow. Munching on their amazing snack platters you can enjoy the live music too.
  • The Spice Factory: Located in Hazaratganj, The Spice Factory keeps up with its name. It offers various cuisines from Indian, Chinese and Continental will surely keep up with your taste buds. Their stylish dining room in vibrant colors of autumn is definitely a place to visit.

Couple Hotels in Lucknow

Lucknow has some beautiful and good hotels for the couple which provides various luxuries and offers.

  • The Grand Radiant: Located in Hussainganj, is a four-star rated, an eco-friendly Budget hotel in Lucknow. The prime location of the hotel is centrally located around commercial and tourist spots. They provide the best of the amenities during the stay.
  • Hotel Impact: Located in the buzzing area of Gomti Nagar, this homestay style of the hotel promises the security of comfortable stay for the couples. The staff is professional, well mannered and polite, which gives you an amazing experience.
  • Hotel Revanta: A beautiful place to stay, one can consider as living in a dream, as this hotel brings the elegance and grandeur of Lucknow. With various amazing facilities and amenities provided, one can enjoy evenings in their beautiful ballrooms and patios.
  • Hotel Arjun International: Located close to the station, this hotel is perfect for those who are looking for some quiet time getaway. With various amenities provided, their staff is polite and well mannered which will win your heart.

Popular Shopping Places In Lucknow

This city is also famous for its amazing shopping experience, especially for its handcrafted, exquisite Chikankari work. One should experience the city’s real colors in their busy streets. Places to shop in Lucknow:

  • Aminabad: One of the oldest markets in Lucknow, which has been there since the times of Nawabs, cannot be missed to visit. One can find a huge variety of clothes, jewelry, in between walking through the havelis. Their Thursday markets are an experience not to be missed.
  • Alambagh: Known for its historical importance, along with beautiful mosques and old buildings. Alambagh has the best showrooms with international brands with local shopkeepers offering amazing textile from within the city.
  • Chowk: A place one should not miss if visiting this city is an old market which offers beautiful mesmerizing fabrics to amazing local eateries, perfect heaven for the foodies.
  • Hazaratganj: The place is of historical importance and has been there since the British era. Those days it was meant only for high profile people, but now it is one of the busiest places to be in. The place is filled with amazing restaurants, shopping malls and much more.

Travel guide Lucknow

If you are planning to visit Lucknow then plan your trip ahead. Ensure to visit the city in February and March when it is pleasant, neither too hot or too cold. Then from September to October, when is it not rainy season and a good time to visit.

Ensure to spend at least four to five days in the city, to experience the place with its full fervor and charm.

Plan your trip where you can spend one day exploring the historical places of Lucknow and their beautiful gardens and imambaras.

Don’t forget to visit their amazing local markets where you can shop beautiful handcrafted textiles and fabrics. Take heritage walk and roam around places to enjoy their amazing street foods, Lucknow is famous for its kebabs and biryanis.

The regal and subtlety of this beautiful city will surely win your heart when you stay there. One of the few Indian cities which still maintains that historical charm with buzzing modernization is something which cannot be missed out.

An offbeat honeymoon destination, Lucknow will stay in your memories forever.

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