Generation Gap. Too Much Googly Sir…

Once upon a time the print media especially the newspapers provided interesting and informative daily read.  But sad to say these days every day when you pick up the newspapers you read only the frightening news of terror and such related news items.

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Of course, these are happening in and around us and we need to be aware of this.  In the olden times the print media especially the daily newspapers were the only source to get to know the daily news.  But the time has changed and now everything is available at our fingertips, yes, just touch your fingers on your mobile phones everything appears on its screen.

But in the recent times, this trend created a great gap between the new generation and the old timers.

Just the other day I read an interesting read in a reputed daily newspaper.   That was indeed a rare commodity appear in these day’s newspapers.

Olden times almost all newspapers used to provide an interesting read in the middle of so many serious reads.

As I mentioned, the newspapers are filled with current affairs, politics, economics, social, science, and technology along with the political news.  Most often these are the fights between regional and national politics and politicians.   Of course, this continues with the views and reviews of political pundits and scholars. In the midst of such serious read the Newspaper editorial team always provide a lighter vein read.  That small column most often published in the middle of the newspapers, mostly in the editorial pages.  Thus it is called or known as MIDDLE.

But these days this lighter vein read is nowhere to see in the newspapers.  In fact that space too is filled with serious thoughts, analysis or news.

Whether retired elderly people can no longer just talk nonsense to each other anymore? Click To Tweet

But to my surprise, I could find a middle item in the latest editions of the Hindu newspaper. Though it is published under the tag, “LETTER FROM A CONCERNED READER” it is written in a lighter vein and it is also a very thought provoking one.  Here below you can read that article written by one Mr. Mathrubhootham.  The author lament over the present new generation and their general trend. A worthy reading material for fun as well as for thinking and discussion.

After reading the post I dropped my views on it and The Hindu published it.  Here is the screenshot of my letter.

Read the story here:

Whether retired elderly people can no longer just talk nonsense to each other anymore?

Dear Sir/Madam,

Do you know what is the difference between Pongal and Eid?

Simple. You can eat Pongal to celebrate Eid. But you cannot eat Eid to celebrate Pongal.

I hope you enjoyed my joke. It is a very versatile one that you can modify to include any festival of any religion. What is different between Pongal and Christmas? What is different between Pongal and Pravasi Bharatiya Divas etcetera etcetera?

Second, of all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the readers of this esteemed newspaper a very happy and very belated Eid Mubarak.

Today I have written this letter to inform you that there has been a new addition to my notebook in which I write down all the things that irritate me. I have written to you before about this. It includes irritating items such as calorie on the hotel menu, airport bus that takes 45 minutes to reach the plane as if it is some Mettupalayam Black Thunder trip, and all retired cricketers.

What is the latest item? Let me tell the story from the beginning.

To continue reading the story and more comments, please click on this link:

Too Much Googly Sir…The Hindu



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