Coronavirus Covid- 19 The Pandemic – Few Vita l Information To Follow

Coronavirus Or Covid- 19 The Pandemic Few Vital Information To FollowCoronavirus Or Covid- 19After the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID- 19, the world over is under the grip of great fear.  Yes, everyone is in a kind of fear by seeing the alarming spread of this virus.

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COVID- 19 now spread around 212 countries within a short span of time (few weeks) by killing more than 85,522 people.

No doubt this is not an ignorable thing as the virus creates havoc among nations.  The latest official report says it crossed over 58,000 marks, but the unofficial account is far above the official one.

What is Cornavirus or Covid- 19?

According to World Health Organization: Cornavirus or COVID- 19 is a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases, such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS- CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).

Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms cold, fever, cough, and breathing difficulties.  In more severe cases, an infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and even death.

Covid-19 is also know as novel coronavirus, 2019 coronavirus or just coronavirus.

Whatever it is the whole nation is under the grip of a kind of fear.  In this post, we are presenting a few vital notes and facts collected and received from various reliable sources.

This post is published for making a general awareness among the people, how to deal with it, and how we can overcome this situation.

Some of the videos and notes are gathered from different sources and the resource source is credited at the bottom of this post.

The latest statistics on COVID-19 As On April 22, 2020



Few Interesting and informative videos on Coronavirus COVID- 19 to watch on this season

Check out the following videos: Performance by the little ones from different places.

Video #1 A 2nd Standard student who demonstrates COVID- 19 and the precautions one needs to take.

Video #2 A video in Tamil by a little one. She explains the seriousness of the “Stay At Home” principle.

Video #3 Yet Another video that explains the importance of taking precautions at this season of COVID- 19 Pandemic.  This video is created based on the famous tune of Kerala’s Thiruvathirappaatt. (Thiruvathira Song)

Some of the National Daily’s Reports on Coronavirus COVID-19

Please click on the images to read in bold letters.

Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus Covid-19

The Latest Updated as of April 04, 2020, 3.56 PM

Coronavirus Covid- 19
COVID- 19 Latest Satistic
Coronavirus Or Covid- 19
Image Credit Canva

Coronavirus Or Covid- 19

Coronavirus Covid- 19 Few Symptoms, Transmission, and Prevention

Symptoms: Fever followed by a dry cough, after week shortness of breath. Severe cases- Pneumonia and multiple organ failure

Transmission: – Person to person through droplets of bodily fluids like mucus or saliva The virus can remain suspended in the air for 10 minutes.  Sneezing by an infected person can cause the virus to deploy faster.

Coronavirus Or Covid- 19
Image Courtesy Canva

Prevention:   Wash hands regularly and sanitize, cough and sneeze into a disposable towel, Do not use your hands, repeat hand sanitization.  Avoid shaking hands or touching exposed surfaces if you feel the person or place is infected.

Few Related Graphics and Post to read along with this

Coronavirus Why You Must Act Now: One of the best scientific read that has been published with estimations and possibilities

To get the latest information on Covid- 19 Helpline numbers please visit Ministry of Health And Family Welfare

Coronavirus Covid- 19 

How Deadly Coronavirus Covid- 19 is:

80% develop mild symptoms and 14% develop severe symptoms and 6% become critically ill.

Medicine: So far no medicines available for this and vaccines are still under development.  Even if it found by scientists it takes a year or two to get the medicine available on medical shops.

The only prevention or remedy is to follow the strict rules stipulated by the medical fraternity and the government officials.

Coronavirus Or Covid- 19
















Concluding Note on Cornavirus or Covid- 19

One thing the Philipscom Associates would like to make is,  “Don’t Get Panic over Such Situation.” We can overcome this by following or co-operating with the medical team and the Government Authorities’ suggestions.

Follow the instruction of the doctors and other related officials.

A classic example in dealing with the situation is the Kerala government’s steps taken in this regard by the Chief Minister of Kerala and the Health Minister Dr. Shailaja.

Watch the below video posted in this regard.  A Warrior Against Coronavirus Covid- 19

We are so glad to share an infographic, a comic series in relation to Coronavirus Covid- 19 for the kids.  It is published by the government of India.  It reveals a lot of information to the kids under the age limit of 9 – 12 years.

Coronavirus Covid- 19 Kids are spared

A Washington Post report says Coronavirus is mysteriously sparing kids and killing the elderly.  It is indeed an amazing thing to note that this virus is mostly affected to the elderly and it mysteriously spares the kids.

Coronavirus Or Covid- 19
Two girls in Syria wear masks as a preventive measure. Children have been mysteriously untouched by the virus worldwide. (Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images)

Kids, Vaayu And Corona: A Comic Series For Coronavirus Covid- 19 Awareness For Kids  And An Infographic For Kids

Coronavirus Or Covid- 19

Coronavirus Or Covid- 19
Coronavirus Or Covid- 19
Coronavirus Or Covid- 19
Coronavirus Covid- 19
Coronavirus Covid- 19
Coronavirus Covid- 19

Coronavirus Covid- 19
Coronavirus Covid- 19
Coronavirus Covid- 19

Coronavirus Covid- 19

Few Interesting and informative videos to watch on the subject Coronavirus Covid- 19

Coronavirus Covid- 19 Outbreak Latest Information 

For latest status on Covid- 19 visit this channel

Countrywise Status Map

Watch this video to get the latest and reliable information via WHO

Resource: Courtesy:  Godly Daniel; Prof. Stephen B Sams; Isaac John; Johnson George; PM Jacob; Christy Antony; Jesly Abraham; Fr. Joseph Chirayath; Dr. Vijilan P V;  Alby Alexander; Ronald D’Silva; Lenin John; Satish K Ravi; Ashisha Winson; Jobin, James.  Praveen Alagani, (President M J Colony) WhatsApp Group and other groups like Brethren Icons; Brethren Assembly, Picket;  Sahitya Sagaram; Perakka Books, etc

Published on: Mar 18, 2020

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