Best Front Load Washing Machine to Buy Online In 2018

A front loading Washing Machine is the most advanced and equipped Washing Machines in the Segment. They are generally categorized by a transparent front door and a Vertical Bath Tub.

The other advantages of Front door Washing Machine are they tend to include a greater number of clothes in every wash and use a lesser amount of Water when compared to other Washing Machines.

The pricing of these Washing Machines is a little bit on the higher side. So, here is the list and features of the most popular Front Load Washing Machines available online.

  1. IFB Diva AquaVX Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Price                              Rs 21,999

Specification                 Capacity            6 kg

Spin Speed                    800 rpm

15 numbers of Wash programs

Features                         Aqua Energie, crescent moon drum, 2d Shower System, Auto                                                                  Imbalance Sensing and control, Self-Diagnosis, Foam control etc.

The IFB Diva AquaVX is undoubted “The Diva” in this Segment. With over 9,300 ratings and 2000 reviews, the product is the most successful Washing machine available. The Aqua VX provides a seamless washing experience even with the hard Water credit to the Aqua energy Mechanism. The add Laundry, Detergent block feature along with Float Ball valve ensures an efficient and comforting Washing experience.

A front loading Washing Machine is the most advanced and equipped Washing Machines in the Segment. A Review via NewsandViews Click To Tweet
  1. Bosch WAK24168IN Fully Automatic Front-load Washing Machine

Price                               Rs 28,999

Specification                  Capacity            7 kg

Spin Speed                    1200 rpm

12 numbers of Wash programs

Features                         Pre- Activated Speed Perfect, Vario Drum, Volt Check, Active Water, Reload function, Foam detection System, Unbalanced Load Detection.


The   Bosch WAK24168IN has been the most efficient and powerful Automatic Washing Machine in the Segment. The model is capable of adjusting Water level according to the load and removing the detergent residue using hot Water because of its Active Water features. In addition to that, the Time Delay function assists you in scheduling your wash cycle up to 24 hours. The Ant vibration Design and Best in class Stainless Steel guarantee durability.


  1. IFB Senator Aqua SX Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine


Price                                Rs 33,999

Specification                   Capacity            8 kg

Spin Speed                     1400 rpm

15 numbers of Wash programs

Features                         3D Wash System, Air Bubble Wash, Digital display, Tub Self Clean, Memory                                            Back up, Auto Restart, Time Delay, Self-Diagnosis, and Progress Indication.

The IFB Senator Aqua SX is equipped with the impressive Air Bubble Wash System, 3D Wash System and Aqua Energy Technology that results in a flawless washing experience. The indigenous hygiene and Safety program prevents any bacterial growth and promotes longevity. The Auto balance system combined with Tumble Wash technique provides efficient washing.


  1. LG FH0H3NDNL02 fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine


Price                                Rs 24,999

Specification                   Capacity            6 kg

Spin Speed                     1000 rpm

15 numbers of Wash programs

Features                         Digital Display, 6 Motions Direct Drive Method, Smart problem diagnosis, Tub Clean Function, Digital Display, Child Lock, and Progress Indication.


The LGFH0H3NDNL02 is embedded with the LG Inverter Direct Drive Technology which is considered as one of the most efficient technologies of modern times. The 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology provides optimized programs according to fabrics.


  1. Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Price                                Rs 26,499

Specification                   Capacity            6.5KG

Spin Speed                     1000 rpm

15 numbers of Wash programs

Features                         Digital Display, Diamond Drum, Ceramic Heaters, Child Lock, Silver Wash and                                         Progress Indication.

The WW65M206L0W is the model designed by Samsung to withstand Voltage Fluctuation in India. The Samsung Volt Protection ethnology can protect the equipment up to the deviation of 25%.The inbuilt ceramic heaters prevent calcium build up which results in cost and energy effectiveness.

Front Load Washing Machines are considered as cost and power effective household equipment. In addition to these, the usage of lesser water and larger capacity of these machines makes it a smart buy.


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